At a very early age, Jim Moehl was told he had a “comedy face.” …It was his mother’s way of telling him he was funny-looking… Undaunted, he would spend his childhood absorbing comedy.  His first attempts at humor got his face slapped. (Never hit your grandmother with a pie.)  Many years later, he’s still getting slapped  …at least now, everybody thinks it’s funny…

Jim has studied the craft of improvisational theater under such luminaries as Jo Forsberg and Del Close, and has performed in theatrical productions for director John Hancock. His comedy roster also includes writing and stand-up. Jim is currently working on a degree in Creative Writing at Southern New Hampshire University.

Moehl went on to become an avid reader of Mad Magazine, and would emulate their satire throughout his youth. He penned a weekly column for an independent publication in the 90’s, and has written articles for regional newspapers and magazines. His style has been described as dark and cynical, with a heavy dose of sarcasm. Jim’s is a unique perspective, that from the gutter. The view is familiar; he’s lived there for years. …just take a stick and whack him, he’ll go away…

Jim Moehl aspires to make his readers laugh out loud. One day, the world will see his work in the news, probably because it’s attached to some part of Kim Kardashian’s body. Before then, Jim hopes to see his screenplay “Stuck in Indiana” come to fruition. Kickstarter, here we come…



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